Ramblin' Rose Trio


About the Band

Ramblin' Rose Trio

The Ramblin' Rose Trio consists of three ladies known for their high energy performances of different genres of music with a folk twist.


Renee Riddle and Kathy (aka Bayo) Chewning were founding members of the all girl family Ramblin' Rose Band. This Bluegrass band began performing in 1981 and was soon recognized by Bluegrass lovers in the festivals of the Florida area as one of the finest Bluegrass bands around. They were famous for high energy music, creative arrangements and flamboyant costumes.

Kristin Jenkins (Bayo's daughter) joined the band and soon became one of the true anchors with her solid Bass guitar and acoustic rhythm guitar and lead.

After the band suffered the loss of three of the founding members from deaths and other circumstances, the survivors, Renee, Bayo and Kristin, agreed to continue pursuing their passion for music of diverse genres while keeping alive the already established and recognized name.

Welcome to the Ramblin' Rose Trio.